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Its been a long while... [23 Dec 2005|05:47am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

wow i havnt even touched livejournal for almost 9 months, i actually totally forgot about it until today.

its amazing how much has gone on in such a short period of time. so much stuff has changed, some for the worse and some for the better... i'd like to think more for the better.

well the holidays are here im kinda excited, and i wish anyone who still reads this a merry christmas and happy new year

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[13 Apr 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im bored so im gonna update.

today i went to work at like 12, to find out that i had no work today, then i came home and slept for a lil, then me and gilbert went skateboarding around seaside for a few hours, and now i find myself back here, and im really bored, so now that im done updating this piece of shit, im gonna go back out and skate while its still light out.

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THE SHOW!!!! [26 Mar 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

shit has been so nuts lately, the band is doin fuckin amazing. we ended up meeting this dude whos a scout for victory records who hooked us up with a whole bunch of shows, and really likes our music, and our first show wasnt supposed to be till april 1st. but then we get a call from him last night, and he asks us if we want to play tomorrow cause one of the bands dropped off the bill, so we decide to do it, and let me tell u it was an amazing experience, there were so many people who were pittin for us that we never saw before. before we played i was so nervous, i felt like i was gonna puke, cause i was afraid of fuckin up, but it was just awesome and so much fun, and the whole band just killed it, we got a really good crowd response, and also got mad props from the other bands/people/the VICTORY RECORDS SCOUT.

Our next show will be on
Friday April 1st. Its at the FOP Hall in Toms River
Doors open at 5 and its $10 to get in.

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[11 Mar 2005|06:08pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

yesterday, me and ron went to matawan for band practice. the practice was actually amazing, we ended up writing an entire new song which came out of nowhere, also we are trying to get on the reopening of the greenroom show, as our first show.

today i had work from 10-5. it turned out to be a real shitty day, because the place was really slow, im probably only gonna have like 10 bucks in tips. you would think that tgi fridays would be really packed on a friday, but that wasnt the case.

now that im off work, i have to wait for the landlord to get here, hes coming to check up on the house to make sure that we didnt trash it, cause he heard about all the partys we threw, and threatened to throw us out.


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[05 Mar 2005|11:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

its a saturday night, and i have nothing to do, ive been just laying around the house, bored out of my mind, so im deciding to update this stupid piece of shit that they call livejournal.

last night me and chris held a party at our house, it was nuts, there were so many people here, and so much alcohol, it just wasnt funny. the party was awesome, we made a decent amount of money, cause we charged 5 bucks at the door to enter. the only bad part about the whole party thing was the mess that it left the next morning. and to make matters worse, our landlord decided to show up this morning, and is flippin out at us, cause of the mess, and also threatend to kick us out.

shits starting to get a little better. fridays gave me more hours, which means more money, which means i will make my rent.

the band is doin good right now. me ron, and ron went to try out this drummer and guitarist the other day, the drummer is amazing and is gonna play for our band, but the guitarist sucked ass, and couldnt play any of our shit, then we had the bright idea to see if i can play the music on guitar, and i was able to, so we made the discision to put me on rhythm guitar, and ron will be on lead, and it turns out that the kid who we were trying out on guitar, is gonna play bass, and yea thats about it for the band. hopefully this will be the last change we make.

and now im done, and im gonna go back to being bored.

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life sucks [27 Feb 2005|05:55pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

life just fuckin sucks right now.

im still workin at fridays but the job is ass. i cant make enough money there, cause everytime i work they send me home early cause there slow, i think that im gonna have to get anther job.

i went to the taste of chaos yesterday with ron, and that show sucked, the only good band there was killswitch, and i was looking foward to seeing my chemical romance, cause i loved there old cd, and they didnt play one song off of it, just that new gargbe that they released.

im starting to get back into skating, cause i miss it a lot.

im thinking about goin back to virginia, for a couple of months, so maybe i can get back on my feet. i mean i also feel like theres nothing for me in jersey anymore, all i have is a few close friends and the band, and im always piss broke, maybe thats wat i need to do, just go back to virginia, and come back in a 2 months. idk i have a lot of thinking to do.

i think i might go to sleep right now, cause i have nothing better to do, and im sad.

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my life [21 Feb 2005|10:04pm]
[ mood | fuck off ]

im at rons right now, really bored so i figured i would just write.

shits been weird lately, im confused, sad, mad, and pretty much just feeling every emotion but happy.

i got a job at fridays bussen tables, im back on the bass in avw, still living in seaside, and things with my parents are going ok, but they could be better. but idk things are just to crazy at the moment.

i think im gonna go home now.

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[20 Feb 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | sad/confused ]

This distance, this dissolution
I cling to memories while falling
Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day
Waking the misery of being without you

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my life, as of right now. [10 Feb 2005|06:37pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

im broke as fuck.

im jobless.

still living in seaside.

chelsea is amazing.

playing drums in AVW.

my parents are actually being nice to me, for some odd reason.

i probably wont make my rent.

i broke my cd player, and the heat in my car.

i need to start skating again.

and i need a fucking ciggarette, but dont got one.

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im back!! [22 Dec 2004|07:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well ive been back for a week and a half now, im living in seaside wit ron and chris, havin a good time. im also workin for a construction company right now, good money but hard work. still playin avw, and im lovin it, good shit.

for now thats all


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last night. [14 Dec 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

tonight is my last day here. i never thought that id say it but im kinda sad to be leaving, but on the other hand im really really excited about coming back.

im really gonna miss my grandfather his wife, and my 11 year old uncle, i felt bad for my uncle cause all night hes been crying, and saying "why do u have to leave, we had so much fun together." im gonna miss them.

tomorrow ill be leaving after work at around 3, and then goin right to my new home in seaside.

then friday theres a bad ass show, that i cant wait to go to.

and then monday i start work, doing construction.

good stuff.

the end.

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[06 Dec 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

there r 8 more days left until i move back to new jersey, i will be movin to seaside wit gilbert and his brother, it should be a lot of fun, and i cant wait, the only thing that sucks is my whole family is beggin me to move back home, but i told them i already made up my mind and i will not be. i just cant take living wit them, i think that there all asshole control freaks, and i also think thats its time that i really do get out on my own, i figure that the first month is gonna be really hard until i get myself settled, and have a steady income, because until then im gonna be piss poor, but in the end i think that stuff will work out.

the end

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[21 Nov 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

tomorrow, i go to jersey, and i leave friday.

and then when i get back to virginia i only have 2 weeks left in this shithole.

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[16 Nov 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | drained ]

i had a really good weekend except for the part where i almost died.

friday: me max and ron went to ihop and met kristin and rokki there. then we went back to rokkis and watched casper. after that me and ron chilled at maxes, and ron kicked my ass at madden.

saturday: me and ron took my grandmother out to breakfast, then we met up wit gilbert and his brother at the jam room, it was mad fun, and i really think that were progressin, except for me cause i suck at bass. then after that we all went to the etown show, it was a great show, and then later that night i ended up smokin some shit and almost died.

sunday: me gilbert and ron went to jam room, then made some stops in plp, then met up wit rokki and kristin at taco bell.

monday: i went to brookdale to register for classes, then chilled wit ron, and then i went back to virginia.

i cant wait till thanksgiving rolls around cause ill be coming up for a few days, and then by december i should be living in new jersey permanently.

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[07 Nov 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

im bored and have nothin else to do so i figured i would update.

umm last week my licence got suspended cause i forgot to pay this ticket, but now it is reinstated.

this week sucked cause it rain alot and it was horible workin in it.

today was supposed to be my day off but i decided to work so i can make up an absent day.

tomorrow should be cool cause i get to learn how to drive a bulldozer.

i get paid tomorrow.

im goin to see the bled, the bronx, and the used wednesday.

i miss my friends.

i come to new jersey friday.

i cant wait to make music.

and i cant wait to see etown.

next monday im goin to occ to pick out my classes.

virginia sucks.

i need to come back to jersey. and fast or ill die.

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weekend [02 Nov 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

friday: got in at 9:30 went for a cup of coffee wit ron, then went to parents.

saturday: went to breakfast at ihop wit kristin and her friend sara. then helped my dad tear down cabinets. then chilled wit ron kristin max and rokki.

sunday: went out to breakfast wit family, then went trick or treating.

monday: picked up amy at bus terminal then picked up tabatha then we went to rons game, after that went to atlantis, then i went back to virginia.

also on sat night my mom sat me down and told me some bad news about my father. for the past year, without me and my sister knowin it my dad has been seeing this heart specialist in new york. my dad has a rare condition in which his heart is shrinking and hes gonna need this thing called a defibulator, but the doctor thinks that the defibulator is only gonna work for a short time, and sooner or later my dad is gonna need a heart transplant, the other thing is that my parents do not want my sister to know, because they dont think that she can handle the news, but i think that its pretty messed up that they wont tell her, cause she does have a right to know. ever since i herd the news ive been depressed and worried and i cant stop thinking about the what ifs.

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[28 Oct 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

tomorrow i am comin up for the weekend, and im really lookin foward to it. ill be leavin straight from work at around 3, and hopefully if there isnt much traffic ill make it to jersey by 8. this weekend ill be stayin at my parents house friday, saturday, and sunday night. i really dont want to stay there because they will be imposing a curfew on me, but i really dont have much of a choice, cause my mom keeps tellin me that i have to make things work wit the family in order for me to move back home. hopefully this weekend will be a good one, the only thing that sucks is the weekends always go by so fast.

after this weekend ill be comin back to virginia for only 2 more weeks, and on november 15 i should be movin back for good to jersey, i just hope that things work out with me and my parents.

...what they said

[26 Oct 2004|10:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

-first name: dave
-middle name: dont have one
-last name: Cortes
-gender: male
-age: 18
-birthday: march 13 1986
-height: 6 1
-hair color: black
-eye color: brown
-race: white
-do you wear glasses or contacts: glasses
-do you have braces: unfortunatley yes
-is your hair long or short: short
-where were you born: new york
-current location: shithole virginia
-zodiac sign: picies
-how many languages do you know: 2
-nationality: italian, spanish
-bad habits: idk
-piercings you have: none
-piercings you want: i wanna get my lip repierced
-tattoos you have: none
-tattoos you want: idk
-today's date: 10/26/04
-the time: 11:00
-ready for a bunch more questions: why not got nothing else to do

. : Family : .
-mother's name: Cathy
-father's name: Dave
-siblings names: cristin
-favorite grandparent: g-ma + g-pa
-worst relative: i dont know
-best relative: grandfather
-do you get along with your parents: fuck no
-does anyone in your family understand you?: nope
-do you have any pets: nope

. : School : .
-are you still in school: nope
-did you drop out: na
-current gpa, or last gpa you got: i think it was a 3.2
-favorite grade: senior
-least favorite grade: fresh
-favorite teacher: hated them all
-least favorite teacher: all of them
-favorite subjects: lunch
-least favorite subject: math
-do/did you buy lunch or bring it: buy it
-play any sports on the school's team: nope
-do/did you do any extracurricular ativities: no way
-favorite memory: not sure..
-favorite dance: dont like to dance
-least favorite memory: umm idk

. : Favorites : .
-number: 7
-shoes: sacony
-saying: idk
-tv show: dont watch tv
-sport: skateboarding
-vegetable: hmm i dont eat anything healthy
-fruit: apples
-movie: hmm.
-magazine: alternative press
-candy: reeses
-gum: trident
-candy bar: snickers
-ice cream flavor: chocolate
-color: white
-season: summer
-holiday: christmas
-band: sworn enemy
-rapper: eminem
-type of music: hardcore
-things in your room: a bed
-radio station: 95.9
-tv channel: like i said i dont watch tv
-overall food: taco bell
-store: music store
-fast food: taco bell
-restaurant: ihop
-night or day: night
-state: jersey
-mall: ocean county
-car: my pimp ford escort
-music video: umm hmm idk
-swear word: shit fuck fuck shit fuck
-month: march
-cartoon character: garfield
-team: dont have one
-possession: guitar

: This or that : .
-rock or rap: rock
-hot or cold: hot
-winter or summer: summer
-spring or fall: spring
-mtv or vh1: none its shit music
-dawson's creek or gilmore girls: for the 3rd time i dont watch tv
-football or basketball: basketball
-summer olympics or winter olympics: summer
-skiing or snowboarding: snowboarding
-rollarblading or skateboarding: skateboardin
-hot topic or pac sun: hot topic
-inside or outside: outside
-weed or alcohol: weed
-cell phone or pager: cell phone
-pen or pencil: pen
-scooby doo or dino: scooby
-tattoos or piercings: both
-prep or punk: neither grrr
-slut or whore: ugh-

. : Private life : .
-do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: nope
-do you have a like someone: ya
-have you ever been in love: nope
-how many people broke your heart: i dont know..too many
-best quote to sum up love: dont have one
-so what is your bf/gf/crush like: idk
-do you have a picture of him/her: no
-do you have a picture of yourself: yes
-do you go by looks or personality: both
-do you smoke: ya
-do you smoke weed: hell yea
-ever trip on acid: no
-how about a little x: no
-crack, heroin, anything else: nope
-beer good or beer bad: good
-are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: nope
-prefer beer or liquor: liquor
-what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: kool

. : Would you ever : .
-bungee jump: most deff
-sky dive: sure
-swim with dolphins: no
-scuba dive: yup
-go rock climbing: yeah
-eat shit for $1,000,000: hell ya to much money to pass up
-turn your back on your friends for personal gain: no way
-steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend :nope
-cross-dress: no
-lie to the police: u bet
-run from the police: of course
-lie to your parents: deffinatly
-walk up to a stranger and kiss them: sure why not
-be an exotic dancer: no

. : Have you ever : .
-flashed someone: no
-told the person you liked how you felt: yea
-been to michigan: no
-gotten really REALLY wasted: haha yup
-gone to jail or juvi: came very close
-skateboarded: all the time
-skinny dipped: no
-hooked up with anyone: yes
-stolen anything: yes
-wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: yea
-kicked someone's ass: yea
-pegged someone in the head with a snowball: yup
-broke a beer bottle over someones head: ha no
-gotten served in a bar, twice
-gone on a road trip: yes
-gone on vacation without adult supervision: yea
-been to a concert: all the time
-got pulled over: to many times
-got in a car accident: once
-tried to kill yourself: no

: Opinions : .
-about flag burning: gay
-of the war on terrorists: terrorists suck
-about suicide: get help
-about people who try to force their opinions on you: hate it
-where do you think you'll be in 10 years: have no clue
-who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 yrs: dont know

. : What did you do : .
-last birthday: chilled
-yesterday: worked
-last weekend: got wasted
-christmas: got kicked out of my house
-thanksgiving: dont remember
-new year's eve: idk
-halloween: chilled
-easter: nothin
-valentine's day: nothin

. : the last : .
-thing you ate: steak
-thing you drank: diet coke
-thing you wore: jeans and a shirt
-place you went: work
-thing you got pierced/tattooed: nothing at the moment
-person you saw: grandfather
-person you talked to on the phone: ron
-song you heard: slice paper wrists

. : Now : .
-what are you eating: nothing
-what are you drinking: pepsi
-what are you wearing: jeans t shirt
-any shoes on: nope
-listening to: poison the well
-talking to anyone: my sister
-are you pissed i made this so long: eh got nothin better to do

. : Yes or no : .
-are you a vegetarian: no
-do you like cows: yup
-are you artistic?: na
-do you write poetry: nope
-are you a fast runner: not really
-can you ski: a lil
-are you straight: yes
-am i annoying you: no

. : Random questions : .

-if you had to have one thing and 1 thing only for the rest of your life, what would you have? family/friends
do you remember any of your dreams: usually
-do you dream in color or black and white: color
-do you admit when you need help with a problem: no
-what's your biggest fear: dont have one
-do you talk a lot: no
-are you afraid of clowns: no
-do you like spiders: nope
-can you drive: ya
-do you see dead people: nope
-any last words: im bored
-now that this is over, what are u gonna do: have a ciggarete

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[23 Oct 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | drained ]

well there isnt much to write about since my life isnt to exciting.

yesterday i ended up goin to hangout wit this chick. it was ok not to exciting but yea just ended goin to get some food and chillen.

today i went to work at about 7 and only ended up workin till about 12, then me and my friend chico went to the bar/pool hall, we played a few rounds of pool and the bartender there served me, without cardin me cause he believed me that i was 21. i didnt end up gettin trashed just had a lil buz, but when i got home i felt like i was gonna throw up so i just went to sleep for a couple of hours. and that was my day.

21 more days till i move back!

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moving back [20 Oct 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | happy/extremely excited ]

im moving back to jersey in for good in:


25 days!!!!

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